Quick Reference to Critical Care



Quick Reference to Critical Care

نویسنده : Nancy H. Diepenbrock

ویژه : پرستاران و دانشجویان پرستاری دانشجویان علوم پزشکی

فرمت کتاب : PDF

تعداد صفحه : ۴۲۰

حجم کتاب : ۲۶٫۲

 Critical Care to Critical Care

This is the fourth edition of Quick Reference to Critical Care, and during the 10 years since its original publication, the text has been expanded, modifi ed, revised, and revamped. Yet in all that time, the original goal has remained unchanged: to provide quick, easy-to-fi nd answers for the frequent “lapse-of-memory” questions that arise daily at the bedside. No healthcare worker can “remember it all” and the aim of this backpack-sized book is to provide a “memory jogger” to answer the question at hand now. It does not provide indepth information (the reader is encouraged to research the topic at a later time in a more detailed text), but rather gives short, to-the-point explanations that facilitate immediate problem solving. Alphabetical arrangement of topics (within each body system) allows the reader to locate subjects easily and quickly, and meticulous cross-referencing prevents answers from getting lost because of a discrepancy in terms. Indexing is extensive and thorough, providing yet another way for the user to rapidly access a specifi c subject. Th e book contains a host of abbreviations (list provided following index) as well as numerous “remember” points, diagrams, fi gures, and illustrations. Visit http://thePoint.lww.com/ Diepenbrock4e for Internet resources. Th is edition in particular has undergone some exciting renovations. Color has been added, making headings easier to locate and fi gures and tables easier to read. New upto- date information has been included in every section. Of particular note, Part 9 (Labs) has been totally revised to make it more user-friendly, and Part 10 (Imaging) has been expanded to refl ect the increased use of these procedures in daily practice. Th e book continues to arrange subjects fi rst by body system, then alphabetically within the system:

P A R T 1
Neurologic System
P A R T 2 Cardiovascular System
P A R T 3 Pulmonary System
P A R T 4 Gastrointestinal and Urinary Systems
P A R T 5 Renal System
P A R T 6 Endocrine System
P A R T 7 Hematologic and Immune Systems
P A R T 8 Drugs, Doses, Tables
P A R T 9 Labs
P A R T 10 Imaging
P A R T 11 Miscellaneous

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